Benson wants another shot at Assembly seat

By Max Pizzaro

Former Hamilton Council President Dan Benson, says he’s eyeballing a bid to represent district 14 in the State Assembly, now that Republican Bill Baroni is vacating his seat to run for State Senate.

The Democratic Party’s municipal chairman in Hamilton, Benson has been talking with other party leaders about options. Now he’s waiting for phone calls back. He's one of several names Democratic leaders have on their short list.

“As a person who ran two years ago, I have some interest in looking at running,” admitted the 31-year old Benson, who grew up in Hamilton and served one term on the Council before running against Baroni in 2005.

Benson finished last in his hometown in that 2005 race. Baroni received 19,067 votes; 13,917 went to Baroni’s running mate, former South Brunswick Police Chief Michael Paquette. Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein finished third with 13,216 votes in Hamilton, while Benson trailed with 10,586.

Benson wants another shot at Assembly seat