Benson wants to run for Baroni Assembly seat

Former Hamilton Council President Daniel Benson is actively seeking support to run for an open Assemby seat in the fourteenth district. Benson gave up his Council seat two years ago to challenge Republican incumbent Bill Baroni, but lost by 7,327 votes.

Mercer County Democrats nominated incumbent Linda Greenstein for re-election at their convention on Saturday, but were unable to unite behind an Assembly candidate to challenge Baroni, and adjourned without picking between James Stevenson, the first African American to serve on the Hamilton Board of Education, and former Hamilton Library Trustee Joseph Leist, who had Greenstein's support. It is possible that Democrats had some advance notice of Inverso's retirement plans and decided to wait for a public announcement before moving to pick a candidate for an open seat.

The candidate for Baroni's seat will almost certainly come out of Hamilton Township, but Benson may not be their strongest contender: in the 2005 race, Benson finished last in his hometown. Baroni received 19,067 votes, with 13,917 for his running mate, former South Brunswick Police Chief Michael Paquette. Greenstein finished third with 13,216 votes in Hamilton, while Benson trailed at 10,586. Benson wants to run for Baroni Assembly seat