Beware of the near future

We were delighted to see The Departed win the Best Picture Oscar, especially since we’ve become accustomed to the Academy getting it wrong (ahem: Crash). But it still managed to overlook one of last year’s best, Children of Men a dark and haunting thriller from director Alfonso Cuarón.

Adapted from a P. D. James novel, the movie takes place in a recognizable but barely civilized London in 2027, a time when humankind has lost the ability to bear children. Clive Owen plays Theo, who’s tasked with shepherding a pregnant girl — the first in 18 years — to safety. The gorgeously shot film — chock-full of action — gets a great performance from Owen (and a delightful Michael Caine as a pot-smoking hippie). Universal Pictures, however, didn’t seem to know what to make of the film’s bleak subject, and released it with insufficient fanfare.

Out today on DVD — make sure not to miss it.

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Beware of the near future