Bill Keller on the "Web" and Reinvention

Today, Times executive editor Bill Keller announced that Lawrie Mifflin is leaving the video unit for a roaming, special assignment: “moving from desk to desk to help find the best ways to navigate the new world of integrated web-print journalism.” Ann Derry takes over the video unit.

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From: Bill Keller/NYT/NYTIMES
Date: Mar 21, 2007
Subject: [NYT Newsroom] Reinventing Lawrie Mifflin and Ann Derry


As our online experience grows and ambitions expand, the word “web” conjures an ever widening set of associations. Multimedia. Blogs. Topic pages. Reader involvement. Video. Some of this is new for us, some is not. All of it has reinvented our journalism.

In that spirit, let’s talk about video, and about reinvention. For nearly eight years Lawrie Mifflin and Ann Derry have been reinventing The New York Times in video form. Between them they’ve led the production of three documentaries that won duPont-Columbia awards, the Pulitzer Prize, more or less, of television journalism. In the last 18 months they’ve built a remarkable unit inventing video journalism for the web, then reinventing it every day.

Now Lawrie will move on from the video part of her job to concentrate on the reinvention. She will take on a special assignment, moving from desk to desk to help find the best ways to navigate the new world of integrated web-print journalism. She’ll work with Susan Edgerley, Jim Roberts, Fiona Spruill and others, acting as a consultant and guide to help each desk find the best way each can improve its web skills and web consciousness. There’s no title for this temporary assignment and no road map; it’s a job that will grow and change to fit the different needs and circumstances of our various news and feature operations.

The video unit will be in excellent hands: Ann’s. Ann joined The Times in 2000 as executive producer of the “Science Times” program and has since proven herself both as a powerful creative and organizational force within the video team and also as a journalist newspaper people can depend upon for reliable guidance.

As editorial director of video and television, Ann will also continue to supervise our television partnerships.Both will take up their new roles in mid-April.

Bill Bill Keller on the "Web" and  Reinvention