Bob Torricelli’s Best and Worst of the Media

It's every politician's dream. Years of reading inaccurate and often unfair reporting now offer a chance for retribution. Here's proof that I can spend just as little time considering my subject and researching my facts as our common tormentors in the press. It's the best and worst of the media list!

Newspaper most likely to get it right: The Star Ledger

Newspaper most likely to get it wrong: The Trentonian

Most influential editorial: The Star Ledger

Most likely to be cast as Dr. Strangeglove in a Hollywood remake: Paul Mulshine (Star Ledger)

Best informed columnist: Tom Moran (Star Ledger)

Least informed columnist: Mike Kelly (The Record)

Most likely to report extraterrestrial activity: The Trentonian

Most influential reporting: The New York Times

Least missed if they forgot to publish: The Sunday New York Times "New Jersey" Section

Least influential in their region: The Record

Most likely to write a sensational story that no one takes seriously: Asbury Park Press, The Record

Investigative reporter most likely to break a big story: Josh Margolin (Star Ledger)

Best informed editorial writer: Fran Wood (The Star Ledger)

Least informed editorial writer: (even cyber space has limited space)

Least likely to write an unpredictable editorial endorsement: The Daily Record (Morris County)

Most likely to commit a grammatical mistake in a headline: The Jersey Journal

So, what did I miss?

Bob Torricelli’s Best and Worst of the Media