Breaking: Broker Exodus! Four Heavyweights Leave Corcoran

The heftiest brokerage in the city just lost three hefty senior vice presidents (and a VP too). Uber-broker Wendy Maitland (whom you may remember from this weekend as Madonna’s broker) is one of the recently departed (she’s at the top, on the middle left).

“Sometimes issues come up that make it better for the brokers and the company to part ways,” Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman told The Real Estate on Monday afternoon. “In this case, that’s the path we chose to take.” (Ms. Liebman was using the royal we.) “They’re good brokers, we wish them well.”

Those good brokers include Wilbur Gonzalez (on the far left above), who brought in $200 million for Corcoran in 2004 and 2005 alone–and who had the honor of representing Courtney Love’s Soho loft. Another departed SVP, Erin Boisson Aries (above, far right), has been one of the firm’s top-producing brokers. Then there’s vice president Reid Price, who had already produced “more than $800 million in sales” in a decade.

All that information comes from Corcoran’s Web profiles of its brokers. Eerily, those pages have been taken down from the Internet.

Why the exodus? “Maybe you should get that from them,” Ms. Liebman said. “I don’t feel comfortable speaking on internal politics.” But the four brokers couldn’t immediately be reached for comment–so, naturally, there’s more soon to come.

Max Abelson Breaking: Broker Exodus!  Four Heavyweights Leave Corcoran