Challenges Ahead

I would like to thank for the opportunity to present a true conservative opinion. I noted one readers prediction that it will be only a couple of weeks before I write something “controversial.” I can assure readers this will not be the case. I intend to write something controversial a lot sooner. That is not hard in New Jersey where it is rare that a politician will take a principled stand without waffling. New Jersey voters are so accustomed to double talk and false promises as if that is the norm. That is why so many shallow intellects are offended by bold and articulate arguments. So, let’s let it rip.

Last June I filed 35 ethics complaints against legislators who may have benefited directly or indirectly from grants awarded in the state budget. The money was whacked up behind closed doors and with no accountability to the public. This issue has now become the subject of a highly publicized investigation by U.S. Attorney Chris Christie. But what happened to the Ethics complaints themselves?

Who knows? The Ethics Committee cannot meet to do their job because apparently no Democratic committee member has been available to make a quorum. The Democrats appear to be ducking the issue and I believe their strategy would have been to brush these complaints under the rug, but the Christie investigation makes that kind of coverup difficult. This is one reason why New Jersey taxes are nearly the nation's highest.

Governor Corzine pledged to return ethics to Trenton. He has a golden opportunity to fulfill that promise by urging his fellow Democrats to hold hearings on this issue, because this is not going away. The Governor needs to decide whose side he is on, those who work hard and pay his taxes, or those with their hands out looking for another government check. Challenges Ahead