Chipolte Opens Itself to Columbia Students

Attention, Columbia University students! Get ready to stand in line.

Chipotle, the wildly popular Denver-based burrito chain, will open a 2,800-square-foot outpost at 110th Street and Broadway in late July. The fast-food restaurant will be located on the northwest corner where the short-lived Casbah Rouge, a Moroccan restaurant, once sat. (It will also be across Broadway from a new luxury condo, diagonally across Broadway from a D’Agostino’s grocery, and across 110th from a 24-hour Rite Aid that sells automatic ice-crushers. Ah, gentrified Morningside Heights; you look more and more like the Upper West Side with each passing year.)

Chipotle landed in the city in August 2003 with a store at 150 East 44th Street, and the line has been out the door ever since. The Columbia location will be the 16th outlet in the city, according to Katharine Smith, Chipotle’s east coast PR person

There may be an extra treat in store for the Columbia student body. According to Ms. Smith, when Chipotle opens a new restaurant, it usually hosts either a fundraiser for a local non-profit or…wait for it…A FREE BURRITO DAY!

“We try and become a part of the community as soon as possible,” Ms. Smith told The Real Estate on Friday afternoon.

It’s safe to say that Chipotle would be welcomed to the neighborhood with open arms if they went with the latter option.

– Mark Wellborn Chipolte Opens Itself to Columbia Students