Cop-Blog Ranters Vow Vengeance Against 'Radical' Bicyclists

First you had Critical Mass, the free-for-all “parade” of bicyclists who ride through the streets willy-nilly shouting “We Are Traffic.” Then you had Uncivil Servants, a Web site established by advocacy group Transportation Alternatives, that shows pictures of illegally parked cars, often owned by police officers, with parking placards.

Now, the two come together on NYPD Rant, an unofficial Web site for the city’s Finest, where some of the afflicted cops–or people pretending to be–are vowing to get back at those rowdy environmentalists.

Commenters have posted pictures of Paul White and Matthew Roth, two honchos at Transportation Alternatives, who are supposedly going to be riding in this Friday’s Critical Mass ride. (When The Observer interviewed Mr. White a couple of months ago, he said he had pretty much stopped taking part in those rides, however.)

“These lawbreaking cycle pirates must be stopped!!” writes Blue Trumpet on NYPD Rant.

Gimmelosttime adds: “Someone please hammer these 2 turds this weekend”

The cauldron of early 21st-century urban life bubbleth over.

Matthew Schuerman Cop-Blog Ranters Vow Vengeance  Against 'Radical' Bicyclists