Dobson’s Criticism

The latest criticism by social fundamentalist James Dobson of possible Republican candidate for president Fred Thompson should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Dobson's uneven and contradictory political participation over the years.After all, Dobson's method for selecting those whom he criticizes lost reason and legitimacy many years ago.It's simply impossible to predict which mainstream American politician Dobson will unleash upon next for not toeing the social fundamentalist line.

Though most Americans – or at least those paying attention – will completely disregard Dobson's comment that Fred Thompson is not a Christian, it is helpful to use this as an example of the damage Dobson can do to well-meaning Christian conservatives.

Factual inaccuracies aside (Thompson is a Christian), Dobson produces little reason or logic for why he made such a claim in the first place.Is it because Fred Thompson does not sufficiently flaunt his faith?

If a thoughtful, conservative candidate for president like Fred Thompson is not enough for social fundamentalists like Dobson, the Republican Party is being severely misguided at a critical point in history.Fred Thompson and the other possible candidates for president deserve better consideration than what Dobson is able to provide. Dobson’s Criticism