Don't Go AWOL on Wes Clark


Sure, they look like friends now, but Wesley Clark was anything but pandering when he exchanged words with Anna Wildling, one of the people who came to hear him speak at Taj Lounge last night.

During a Q and A, Wilding asked why America was so arrogant and, normally doesn’t play well with other nations.

Clarke, standing on a square ottoman to address the crowd, began answering. Wilding interjected.

“You can disagree but you got to hear me out,” Clark said, and then continued with his answer. When she interjected moments later, he replied, “I listened to you, now you listen to me!”

It only got better later. While discussing American security, Clark noticed Wilding was leaving. After she explained why, he briefly mimicked her accent and asked her to stay.

Wesley Clark:
The truth is about America, and this is something that I wish, I wish this weren’t true. But do you know one of America’s great exports is security. You have to think about this. One of the greatest things America exports is security in the world. Please don’t leave madam.

Anna Wilding:
I’ve just been told to by your stoff.

Wesley Clark:
You haven’t been told to by my stoff because, staff because I don’t have a staff here. So please stay and be part this dialogue, okay? Stay in here.

That’s when the crowd started yelling “Stay. Stay. Stay.” which she did.

— Azi Paybarah

Don't Go AWOL on Wes Clark