Edwards Keeps Going


Outside the midtown nightclub where John Edwards was going to speak to Democratic activists at a DL21C event yesterday evening, about 600 people lined up, braving the light drizzle, heavy sidewalk traffic, and pesky reporters asking them to react to the announcement earlier in the day about Elizabeth’s cancer.

Manhattan-based legal editor Dan Feld said that the decision by Edwards to forge ahead with the campaign “shows strong leadership qualities.”

Theresa Canter, a politically active fund-raiser, said that people shouldn’t have reservations about a candidate’s wife dealing with cancer. “As long as it’s not mental illness,” she said.

When Edwards finally arrived at the 53rd Street night club at a little after 8 p.m., his newly reacquired Edwards staffer Alex Navarro weathered abuse while acting as a human rope to keep some television cameramen at bay.

Edwards had arrived straight from a fund-raiser on the Upper East Side. He delivered a short speech inside, and didn’t take any questions from reporters afterwards.

“Senator Edwards, can I just ask you one quick question?” a television reporter yelled out to Edwards when he was getting into his car after the event.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” Edwards replied.

And that was it.

This morning, he’s at a breakfast at the Regency. Still on schedule.

— Azi Paybarah

Edwards Keeps Going