Elsewhere: 1984, Audits


It’s a mash-up mash-up! Barack Obama is now the subject of a 1984-style video too.

Police Commission Ray Kelly briefly discussed the Sean Bell shooting in an interview with Lx.tv.

The city’s new transportation commissioner is Michael Horodniceanu, according to Streetsblog.

The folks who disrupted Joel Klein’s meeting last night got a thumbs up from the blogger at Pissed Off Mom.

There’s a write-in Assembly candidate on Staten Island.

The head of the state’s lobbying commission stepped down.

The Nassau County Comptroller’s audit of Maureen O’Connell was finally released.

MoveOn.Org is coming under fire from other anti-war activists for supporting an insufficiently aggressive plan for ending the Iraq War.

And above is Mr. Met at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Queens.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: 1984, Audits