Elsewhere: Freddy Krueger, Fred Thompson


Hillary Clinton is having a fund-raiser in D.C. today, hosted by Reps. Joe Crowley, Anthony Weiner and Steve Israel.

And don’t miss the Observer’s gripping profile of Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin and her special powers.

Ben plays the expectation game with the 2008 fund-raising numbers.

Lobbyist and blogger Richard Lipsky says, “Wal-Mart will continue to exhibit a Freddy Krueger-like quality and reports of its demise in this town must be treated with a grain of salt.”

The Brennan Center thinks Albany’s three-men-in-a-room style of governing is still in operation, despite a change in the line-up.

The MTA Executive Director will talk with the MTA Inspector General about charitable contributions and possible connections with some contracts the agency awarded.

Cooper notes that Charles Gargano has an method of economic development that includes travelling to Rome and eating very expensive meals.

The special elections on Staten Island were sleepers. Literally.

Fred Thompson is officially a top-tier candidate, now that his Christianity is being questioned.

Room 8 is old.

And pictured above is Mike Bloomberg leaving City Hall as critics of his education plan protested.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Freddy Krueger, Fred Thompson