Elsewhere: Hillary, Spitzer, Gordon


Republican Senators from Long Island aren’t impressed with Eliot Spitzer’s budget modifications.

Hillary Clinton set expectations pretty high in Iowa, and Terry McAuliffe explained why she moved up her Presidential announcement.

Here’s a campaign video from John McCain’s trip to New Hampshire.

Indicted Assemblywoman Diane Gordon is having a fund-raiser on May 3.

Lew Fidler is pushing an anti-congestion pricing resolution, reports Aaron Naparstek.

A new murder mystery video game is set entirely in the Canal Street station.

Say good-bye (again?) to Life magazine.

New Jersey Senate President Dick Codey will face a re-election challenge from the Sausage King.

An embattled GOP boss in Yonkers got some help.

And pictured above is Charles Barron at a Dennis Kucinich press conference earlier today.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Spitzer, Gordon