Elsewhere: Hillary, Spitzer, Marlin


Hillary Clinton picked up the guy who ran John Kerry’s New Hampshire operation.

Cory Booker met with fund-raisers to plan an event for Hillary Barack Obama.

Former NY1 producer David Chalian is named political director of ABC News.

Scott Sala thinks I should “bother the crap” out of Andrew Cuomo until I get an interview.

New York City is run by “nanny government.”

Eliot Spitzer wants background checks conducted on people bidding for the state’s horseracing franchise.

Spitzer is calling individual state Senators to get them to abandon Joe Bruno.

The Drum Major Institute and President Bush agree on something.

NY Sun Politics has a Q & A with Rudy-critic George Marlin.

WSJ has emails showing that the White House sought to fire several US prosecutors before 2005.

And above is an old picture of Sheldon Silver.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Spitzer, Marlin