Elsewhere: Morality, Schools, Discrimination


Hillary explains that she doesn’t think homosexuality is immoral.

Ben looks at a new book from Clinton pollster Doug Schoen..

Michael Bouldin liked Wesley Clark’s outrage last night.

In what David Herszenhorn calls a “deepening crisis” in education, nine NYC public schools are in danger of being shutdown for academic failure.

Video of Dennis Miller at Rudy Giuliani’s fund-raiser in midtown is here.

George Pataki was really generous to Assembly Republicans.

Discouraging discrimination is against the law, Bill Hammond discovered.

The State Empire Development Corporation knows how to make a profit in just four months.

A hospital employee in the Bronx may have exposed hundreds of people to tuberculosis.

And pictured above is Adolfo Carrion tearing down a wall in the Bronx.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Morality, Schools, Discrimination