Elsewhere: Rudy, Bloomberg, Spitzer

Hillary Clinton is fishing for the female vote.

Ben doesn’t think much of her apparently big advantage among women.

Thrush doesn’t think much of the analysis of her Southern accent.

Eliot Spitzer wondered aloud how hospital groups opposing his health care spending cuts can afford a $65 million advertising campaign.

Dennis Rivera, president of 1199 SEIU Healthcare Workers East, has some questions for Spitzer [added].

The downstate chairman of the Economic State Development Corporation will visit the Atlantic Yards site on March 22.

ReformNY said that a rules fight in the state Assembly is over.

Final campaign finance numbers are available for the recent hotly contested state Senate race in Nassau.

Consultant Dan Gerstein, who is no fan of the netroots, wondered why the big media outlets ignored Ann Coulter’s f-bomb at a conservative convention recently.

Andrew Sullivan wondered if Vice President Dick Cheney should resign in light of his poor health and the conviction of his former chief of staff today.

Congestion pricing is gaining support in Stockholm. Can you feel the momentum?

And above is Brooklyn Tech senior Dwayne Jones, who said he was glad to see Mayor Bloomberg at his high school today, but wasn’t quite sure whether he’d support him for President.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Rudy, Bloomberg, Spitzer