Elsewhere: Rudy, Newt

Here’s a list of the ten people that can help get a New York project built. Or not built.

Columbia University gave a partial refund to the college Republican club because their event with the founder of the Minuteman Project was shut down by protesters.

The Assembly is trying to improve its image with some nice literature.

Some business leaders oppose what they’re calling a state plan to raise taxes.

Errol has a clip of Rudy Giuliani speaking about abortion, gays and guns.

Paul Sonn of the Brennan Center said that the most important fight in the nation is in the hands of Bill Richardson [link fixed]

Barry Popik wonders about the “n-word.”

Rick Santorum may become a pundit for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And the image above is Rudy Giuliani talking about a lawsuit he filed against gun companies a while back.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Rudy, Newt