Elsewhere: Shopping, Budgeting, Lobbying


Ben explains who exactly should get thrown off John McCain’s Straight Talk Express.

Greg Sargent has further proof that George Pataki isn’t running for president: one of his top aides has gone to work for Rudy Giuliani.

Adam Nagourney discusses the impact of the Iraq War on the 2008 primaries.

Joe Bruno thinks the budget can be settled in two hours, but Eliot Spitzer is hosting a party at his house in Columbia County tonight for some other reason.

The city’s Economic Development Corporation did not say that part of the $205 million in tax payer money earmarked for the Atlantic Yards Project went towards lobbying state lawmakers.

Harry Siegel points to one reason that San Francisco recycles more than New York City.

Odds that AG Alberto Gonzalez will keep his job are pretty slim.

And pictured above is a graph from the state lobbying commission on “money spent by the lobbying industry since 1978.” Trend: up.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Shopping, Budgeting, Lobbying