ESDC Makes 8 Percent in Downtown Market

The Empire State Development Corporation flipped one of the seven floors of the office condo it bought at 125 Maiden Lane for an 8 percent profit in four months, co-chairman Pat Foye said on Thursday. Under the Pataki administration, the ESDC sold its office condo at 633 Third Avenue in midtown in November and purchased the lower Manhattan one, saying that would be cheaper.

The new buyer, the Guttmacher Institute, paid $10.2 million.

Mr. Foye said after the agency’s monthly meeting that he had not decided whether or not ESDC would move into the remaining six floors at 125 Maiden or try to buy back its current location from its new owner. He also said the 8 percent profit did not take into account the expense of renting its current location. (The ESDC had been subletting at 633 Third, and had not yet moved into 125 Maiden.)

He did say, however, “We don’t want to move twice, once to Maiden Lane and then again to the Freedom Tower. And I think there is something to be said about being in proximity to our colleagues in state government” that are staying on in 633 Third.

Matthew Schuerman

Correction: An earlier post gave an incorrect sales price that Guttmacher paid. ESDC Makes 8 Percent in Downtown Market