Ex-Missouri Senator in N.J. for Romney

Former U.S. Senator James Talent will speak to the Tuesday Group, an organization of center-right coalition leaders, conservative legislators and conservative activists that meets monthly. The former Missouri Senator's talk tomorrow will be on behalf of presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Sen. Sam Brownback was expected to address the group last month, but cancelled at the last minute.

The Tuesday Group brings together legislative leaders of the state GOP Assembly and Senate, business leaders, elected officials, heads of trade association, academics, etc for an off the record, closed to the press, invitation-only breakfast meeting. At each meeting, attendees are afforded the opportunity to update the Group on the current activities of their organization and/or campaigns.

The Tuesday Group's membership represents the individuals, associations, and businesses impacted by government regulatory and tax policies and organizers say they "represent the depth and range of the center-right coalition and conservative movement in New Jersey." Ex-Missouri Senator in N.J. for Romney