Ferraro's Words of Encouragement for Edwards

I caught up this morning with former Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, who was breakfasting at the Regency Hotel this morning with City Council Melinda Katz, and who briefly dropped in on John Edwards’ fund-raising event in another room.

Ferraro, who said she has received the same kind of treatment Elizabeth Edwards is now going to have, told the former Senator that he had reason to be optimistic.

“The research has been phenomenal in the last four years. And so, I got the benefit of it. She’s going to get the benefit of it,” Ferraro told me and another reporter in the lobby of the Regency before meeting Edwards.

Of the medication, Ferraro said, “It is totally, it’s almost like benign. You have no side effects of it.”

Edwards himself is still keeping a low profile. As far as I know — the Daily News and a CNN crew were the only ones still hanging around the hotel when I left – he isn’t talking to the press.

— Azi Paybarah Ferraro's Words of Encouragement for Edwards