Georgia Barbecue On The Lower East Side

New Hampshire native Alan Natkiel, 31, will open Georgia’s East Side Barbecue at 192 Orchard Street in mid-May. Mr. Natkiel signed the lease on the Lower East Side space a few days ago, according to Misrahi Realty.

Georgia’s East Side Barbecue will serve “classic Southern food like barbecue, hamburgers and hot dogs,” according to Mr. Natkiel. “I’ve spent a fair amount of time down South,” he told The Real Estate. “People in New York are not aware of real barbecue. New York’s idea of barbecue is the same as Wisconsin’s idea of New York pizza.”

Mr. Natkiel is no stranger to the restaurant business, having managed Lodge and The General Store in Williamsburg. As the sole proprietor of Georgia’s, however, he’s going to need to sell a lot of hush puppies to stay afloat in the high-rent nabe. The 600-square-foot Orchard space, which used to be Cafe Trotsky, has a monthly rent of $5,500.

– Mark Wellborn Georgia Barbecue On The Lower East Side