Gilmore passes on Senate bid, will run for Mayor

Glen Gilmore announced today that he would seek re-election to a third term as Mayor of Hamilton, and not run for the open State Senate seat in the 14th district.

At a noon news conference, Gilmore said there is "too much work to be done over the next years" to leave his current post.

Gilmore, who became the first Democratic Mayor in 24 years when he won in 1999, would have been a strong contender for the Senate seat being vacated by longtime GOP incumbent Peter Inverso. Democrats had picked state Rate Counsel Seema Singh to run for Senate last week, before Inverso announced his retirement. Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein is still mulling a bid for the Senate seat.

Assemblyman Bill Baroni is expected to be the Republican candidate.

Gilmore is likely to face businessman John Bencinvengo, the Hamilton Republican Municipal Chairman, in the general election.

Gilmore passes on Senate bid, will run for Mayor