GOP Praise for Cuomo

While Eliot Sptizer, Joel Klein and other officials are conducting public efforts to win over their critics, one office-holder you’d think would be rushing into the spotlight is keeping a low profile.

75 days into Andrew Cuomo’s tenure as Sherrif of Wall Street Attorney General, he’s among the least attention-seeking officials. Just like his campaign, the strategy in office seems to be to keep a low profile, and do whatever reformers and editorial boards say.

And it’s working.

“Maybe the guy’s better suited for the job than I thought,” said Republican strategist Rob Ryan. “That’s how you get things done.”

Ryan, who laughed when I asked if he voted for Cuomo, said Cuomo “isn’t rushing into things. He reacts more judiciously than he has in the past which is a great improvement.”

— Azi Paybarah GOP Praise for Cuomo