Help! My Project Is Failing!

Would Ken Fisher, the former City Councilman-turned-blogger, be able to help a developer get a real-estate project through a gridlocked bureaucracy?
City Hall, the monthly published by the folks who bring you Our Town and The West Side Spirit, at one time thought so.

And maybe he could. But more so than a Sandy Lindenbaum or Ross Moskowitz?

The 10-month-old newspaper is about to come out with “The Land Use Power List: 10 People Who Can Make Sure Your Project Gets Built–or Stop It.” Mr. Fisher was on an early version of the list that The Real Estate obtained. The others, with The Real Estate’s annotations, are below:

Dan Doctoroff (a shoo-in)
Amanda Burden (of course)
Melinda Katz (if you are Wal-Mart)
Robert Tierney (unless you are Tom Wolfe)
Avi Schick (maybe in five months)
Joshua J. Sirefman (maybe five months ago)
Joe Bruno (so long as he stays in office)
Eliot Spitzer (time will tell)
Sheldon Silver (if your project involves or competes with Madison Square Garden in any way whatsoever, then yes)

Manhattan Media President Tom Allon and City Hall Editor Edward-Isaac Dovere told The Real Estate that the list above is already out of date and will likely change before it is published March 12. Mr. Sirefman–who left the Economic Development Corporation in January–has been cut. Mr. Fisher, a real estate lawyer and lobbyist, may or may not be.

City Hall is still taking suggestions, so feel free to write them in below. You could even nominate yourself and no one would know. Hey, it’s the blogosphere!

Matthew Schuerman Help! My Project Is Failing!