Henry Stern on Klein's "Bright Submissives"

Why have so many people turned on Joel Klein?

Henry Stern, that quirky former parks commissioner and observer of New York City politics, has a theory: Klein is insulated, and doesn’t get enough critical feedback from the people around him.

“He likes bright submissives,” Stern told me. “And this doesn’t give him the feedback he needs. He’s intelligent, honest, and hard working. But there are real problems which will, I guess, in the end, bite him somewhere.”

Not sure where that somewhere is, but Klein seems to be acting to address the problem, bouncing around the city on a sort of listening tour to hear directly from parents. Tonight , he’s heading to Last night, he was at I.S. 109 in Queens.

— Azi Paybarah

Henry Stern on Klein's "Bright Submissives"