Homophobia, Meet Racism

After openly gay Assembly candidate Matt Titone of Staten Island accused opponent Kelvin Alexander of exploiting anti-gay sentiment, Alexander’s campaign is responding with a bias accusation of their own.

According to the campaign manager for Alexander, who is an independent running as a candidate of the Family First party, the Staten Island Democratic Party has a problem with black candidates.

“We surely have had candidates come before the Democratic Party when I worked there, and they were good candidates, put in their work, and they have never been endorsed,” said campaign manager Dora Bernsteiner, who, like Alexander, is African-American.

“It has never been done,” she said. “Why? That’s like saying there is no qualified minority to run.”

Alexander previously accused Titone’s campaign of seeking to disenfranchise black voters by challenging signatures gathered to put Family First on the ballot.

According to numbers whiz Jerry Skurnik, the 61st Assembly District, where Titone and Alexander are running, has a large number of African-American voters, but the district is not majority-minority.

— Azi Paybarah Homophobia, Meet Racism