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The Rise and Fall of Brooklyn Heights: Ghosts of a Neighborhood
“The highly affluent neighborhood, whose renowned longtime resident Norman Mailer popularized the term “hipster” back in the ’50s, isn’t exactly the center of cool these days.”
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Bruce T. and Chuck S. Rumble in Starrett City
“Bruce Teitelbaum, the controversial former aide to Rudy Giuliani, has been scurrying behind the scenes to shore up David Bistricer’s troubled bid for Starrett City in the past several weeks. And for good reason: Mr. Teitelbaum has money riding on it.”
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He Will Rock You, Noise Complaints Or Not
“‘If I have recourse, I’m gonna use it,’ said Richard ‘Handsome Dick’ Manitoba. The owner of the eponymously named Manitoba’s bar on Avenue B isn’t sitting quietly after being so rudely shooshed by upstairs neighbors to the tune of $6,400 in fines.”
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Broadway Partners Gobbles Two More Manhattan Towers
“Is there anything more active than Scott Lawlor’s Broadway Partners? The relentless real-estate investment firm is in contract to purchase another national portfolio from Beacon Capital Partners, which includes two Manhattan prizes, a source familiar with the deal said.”
Joseph Chetrit and Baruch Singer Strike a $140 M. Midtown South Deal
“Two secretive and ambitious developers, Joseph Chetrit and Baruch Singer, have struck a deal in midtown south. Mr. Singer has sold Mr. Chetrit a series of buildings along Sixth Avenue for $140 million.”
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$2.45 M. Tribeca Newlyweds’ Spread for Bloomberg’s Daughter
“Emma Bloomberg and her new husband have paid $2.45 million for a condo at the Fischer Mills Building on Beach Street.”
Ex-NBC Head ‘King of the World’ With $10.69 M. Trump Place Buy
“Weeks after stepping down as the longtime CEO of NBC, Bob Wright has a new $10,695,000 Hudson River apartment in Trump Place to boost his spirits.”
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Edgy Brokers Get Big Whiff of Spring
“Neil Binder has been in New York real estate since 1979, and this is the first year that a reason escapes him when it comes to explaining a market boom.”
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Where the Air Is Rarefied
“‘Look, you can see Britney Spears’ former penthouse,’ said real-estate agent Adam Modlin, pointing out one of 50 windows at the triplex penthouse at 704 Broadway.”
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A Central Park Figure
“‘We’re going to cut a ribbon on a new park four times a week every week this year,’ says City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe. Is that a good thing?”
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The Good, the Bad and the Gentrified
“For the record, I don’t care for shopping malls. Or Starbucks. In terms of my personal aesthetic preferences, I am with the contributors to The Suburbanization of New York, a new compilation of essays subtitled, ‘Is the World’s Greatest City Becoming Just Another Town?’ But muddle-headed thinking is never so irritating as when it’s deployed on behalf of a cause to which one is sympathetic.”
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