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Brownstoner Revealed! “Jonathan Butler, a 37-year-old Upper East Side native and Princeton graduate, has been blogging about Brooklyn real estate

Brownstoner Revealed!
“Jonathan Butler, a 37-year-old Upper East Side native and Princeton graduate, has been blogging about Brooklyn real estate under the moniker Brownstoner for more than two years. He has, until now, kept his identity a secret, except to a tiny handful, including his wife Kira.”
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Mayor Has 1,000 Days and So Much To Do
“Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s aides these days start their spiel about the long-range plan for the city by talking about the electronic clock in the corner of the City Hall bullpen counting down the days until the Mayor’s term ends.”
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The Great Downshift Shtick
“Xeniz Viray, 23, lives near Jackson Street and Graham Avenue in Williamsburg. Ms. Viray, smoking a cigarette outside of Phoebe’s Cafe on Graham Street, where she waits tables, said that her Williamsburg friends will sometimes tell people they live in Bushwick.”
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Commercial Market Spawns Crazy Soho Building Sale
“A building at the corner of Broadway and Houston, 600 Broadway, is in contract for more than $1,000 per foot at $71 million, a source said.”
Michael Shvo teams with Joseph Moinian
“The mad marketing genius Michael Shvo is partnering with developer Joseph Moinian to market a planned W Hotel at 123 Washington Street, a source said.”
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Will Stripper-Plex Take It All Off?
“The government may have stripped him of his title as CEO of Manhattan’s most protuberant topless-bar franchise, but recently demoted Scores boss Richard Goldring isn’t giving up his main money-maker so easily.”
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‘It’s Inspectors Gone Wild’
“Chuck Hunt, the New York State Restaurant Association’s man in the city, talks rats and Frank Bruni.”
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Jazz Sanctuary Sells for $4.7 M.
“The octogenarian jazz impresario George Wein, who founded the indispensable Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, has sold the five-floor townhouse that served as his offices for over three decades.”
Buyer Spies K.T. McFarland’s 770 Park Duplex
“Recent U.S. Senate candidate KT McFarland’s 13-room duplex at 770 Park Avenue, a source of droll tabloid scandal during her campaign, has gone to contract. The apartment was listed by Brown Harris Stevens in January for $20 million, and cut to $18,400,000 earlier this month.”
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Foreclosure Doomsday? Not in Manhattan
“If you’ve been reading the real-estate pages in the newspapers lately, you could be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that a national wave of foreclosures looms as the bills come due on subprime mortgages inked during the housing boom. But things aren’t that grim, especially in Manhattan, where a subprime borrower’s about as common as sobriety on St. Patrick’s Day.”
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Have a Seat, Morticia!
“The hard-core collectors of American Gothic are a closed and inbred society. David Scott Parker, an architect, estimated that there are perhaps 10, including him.”
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