Joel Klein, Human Dartboard

In the paper this week, I take a look at the broad coalition of critics that has made Schools Chancellor Joel Klein a lightning rod for frustrations with city schools and the Bloomberg administration.

Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott acknowledges the fiasco of the school bus mix-up that triggered the continuing barrage of criticism, but matter-of-factly brushes aside much of the other complaints, telling me, “Criticism is always in cycles.”

UPDATE: Relatedly, a new audit of city-funded universal Pre-K programs from city Comptroller Bill Thompson found $785,000 in “overpayments, inappropriate payments or questionable expenses.”

According to Thompson, questionable expenses went towards things like “karate uniforms, an air conditioner, and playground tiles.” Also, one group running a universal pre-k program made a $20,000 withdrawal “to repay its Educational Director (who also owned the building) for a loan and for rent.”

— Azi Paybarah

Joel Klein, Human Dartboard