Latimer's 'Not Devious' Proposal for Spitzer

Inspired by the state comptroller succession controversy, Assemblyman George Latimer has pre-emptively come out with a new proposal on how to fill the lieutenant governor’s position in case of emergency. With one interesting catch. It has to be approved by the state Senate.

A Democratic Assemblyman wants a constitutional amendment to give the governor the power to pick a new lieutenant governor should that office become vacant during his or her term. Right now, the state constitution is unclear how that vacancy would be filled, according to Assemblyman George Latimer of Westchester.

“I don’t see the senate confirmation process as being devious,” Latimer told me just now in a telephone interview.

When asked if this provision could be used to block the governor from selecting his preferred candidate for that position, Latimer said, “I think it’s consistent with what you’ve seen before. And anything can happen. Unless you get to a position at some future time that the well is so badly poisoned that it’s impossible for any of us to work together at all, but I don’t envision that happening at all. Not for lieutenant governor where everyone will grant that the governor should have his partner.”

— Azi Paybarah

Latimer's 'Not Devious' Proposal for Spitzer