Liu: Just Stand There and Count

Patience seems to be wearing thin at the Council today.

While Con Ed was getting the welcome treatment in the Council chambers, the chairman of the TLC was next door in the Committee Hearing Room jousting with Transportation Committee Chairman John Liu over the issue of “illegal street hails” of livery cars.

TLC Chairman Matthew Daus was asked how big the problem was.

Daus said he didn’t know and that it’s difficult to calculate.

Liu, who’s kind of a numbers guy, suggested pointedly that the solution was “not rocket science.”

Daus: “To have a crystal ball and a magic wand, and to have a satellite photo and to try and guess how many, you know, cars are picking up illegally is just simply, that’s ridiculous–”

Liu: “Commissioner, let me give you a simple way to do it. Just send an inspector to observe various street corners or subway stations, unannounced, and just count.”

You can listen to the exchange here, a portion of which is below.

— Azi Paybarah Liu: Just Stand There and Count