Memo Stresses Rudy’s Bright Side

If you support Rudy Giuliani, here’s what his campaign wants you to talk about:

Mr. Giuliani had success as Mayor in lowering the number of crimes. He weened people from welfare. And he lowered taxes.

The information comes from a letter sent out by the Giuliani campaign to supporters: an easy-to-digest single sheet of talking points entitled “the Rudy record by the numbers.” It makes the argument that Mr. Giuliani is prepared for the Presidency because “only 5 states had larger budgets than New York City” and “only 11 states have larger populations.”

The memo will be “distributed across the country,” according to one of Mr. Giuliani’s key bundlers, starting with the 300 guests who attended a fund-raiser in Houston on Tuesday evening.

Much like Mr. Giuliani of late, the primer avoids any reference to those aspects of his record that clash with his conservative persona.

Absent from the memo’s section on “Fighting Crime” is any mention of Mr. Giuliani’s attempts to reduce the number of guns on the streets of New York, or his endorsement of the Brady Bill so reviled by the National Rifle Association.

The “Quality of Life” portion of the memo points out that tourism skyrocketed during Mr. Giuliani’s administration, but it makes no reference to the flood of immigrants, many illegal, that Mr. Giuliani fought to protect from Bill Clinton’s crackdown on illegal aliens.

And while the memo doesn’t mention Mr. Giuliani’s staunch defense of a woman’s right to choose, the memo only mentions a “20% reduction in abortions” under the header “Protecting Children.”

The talking points are accompanied by data from Tuesday’s Rasmussen poll that shows Mr. Giuliani leading Senator John McCain by 37 percent to 16 percent. James H. Lee, the Texas-based donor who sent out the talking points to supporters, pointed out in his e-mail that Mr. McCain’s numbers “continue to slip.”

John Weaver, a senior strategist to Mr. McCain, interpreted the results of recent public-opinion polls differently. “As in every sensible science,” he said, “what goes up must come down.”

As for Mr. Giuliani’s page of talking points, Mr. Weaver asked that they be analyzed in concert with a 140-page internal memo prepared by the Giuliani campaign that was lost and subsequently leaked to the Daily News back in January. It contained unusually bald assessments about the candidate’s own potentially “insurmountable” vulnerabilities, including his liberal social positions and multiple marriages.

“If you want truth-telling,” Mr. Weaver suggested, “go to that.” Memo Stresses Rudy’s Bright Side