Mike Long, No Longer a Fan of Spitzer

Conservative Party Chair Mike Long, you’ll recall, took the extraordinary step not too long ago of championing Spitzer’s tough bargaining position against the Republican-controlled but fiscally profligate state Senate during the budget negotiations.

But now, in light of this week’s big compromise, Long is taking it all back.

“Nothing changed,” Long told me. “Clearly. I mean, the governor had promised everything was going to change on Day 1. It was still negotiations behind closed doors.

“I think it comes out that Eliot got rolled.”

Was there something wrong with Spitzer’s bargaining strategy?

“The strategy should have come in with some of the promises he talked about and come in low with the budget and we might have come out of this a little bit better.”

— Azi Paybarah Mike Long, No Longer a Fan of Spitzer