Musical Chairs for Ferguson, Frelinghuysen and Garrett

It’s the most contentious issue in politics. Every decade the state must redraw districts for the Congressional delegation. Friendships are lost and hours of productive time is squandered.

The tendency of the delegation and the redistricting commission has always been to approach the issue on a bipartisan basis. Both parties and all incumbents are accommodated to the fullest extent possible.

The question is, why? New Jersey is almost certain to lose a district. The current delegation is 7-6 Democratic. Republicans have lost every US Senate Race since 1972. They’ve lost the last two Gubernatorial campaigns. Democratic Presidential candidates have won every campaign since 1988. This is a Democratic State.

There’s no reason for an evenly divided delegation unless the redistricting commission engineers it. Logic and fairness would argue that if New Jersey loses a seat it should be a Republican. The population losses are disproportionately in north Jersey. The solution is to put two north Jersey Republican Congressmen in the same district.

The matter is best settled by Republican primary voters. Some combination of Ferguson, Frelinghuysen and Garret would settle the matter. The conclusion would be a 7-5 delegation. That probably still over represents Republicans in the Congressional delegation but at least it’s closer to reality. Musical Chairs for Ferguson, Frelinghuysen and Garrett