New Jersey’s 11/07 Gubernatorial Election

Here's something interesting to consider: if you are agree with the 68% of readers who say Governor Jon Corzine would prefer a cabinet post in a Democratic administration to running for re-election in 2009, then the race for Senate President could effectively be a Special Election Convention for Governor.

Like Donald DiFrancesco in January 2002 or Richard Codey in November 2004, the President of the Senate would become the Governor in the even of a vacancy. So Codey, if he is re-elected to his leadership post, could return to the Governor's office — and run for a full-term in November 2009. The same applies to another Democrat, a Repubican — if they pick up three seats this fall, or if the GOP gains two seats — a shared Governorship, like there was between Codey and John Bennett for a week in January 2003.

For readers who don't want to do the math: as few as eleven State Senators could decide who the next Governor is — if you believe Corzine might leave. New Jersey’s 11/07 Gubernatorial Election