New Witness in Bell Shooting Case

A new witness to the Sean Bell shooting has testified before a grand jury that police did indeed come under fire before firing 50 shots at Bell’s entourage. Also, the witness said, the cops identified themselves at the time, which should help the defense make the case that what happened was tragic but not reckless.

From New York 1 News:

Grand jurors broke from their deliberations in Kew Gardens to hear testimony from a man who, according to Michael Palladino, the head of the detectives union, is a Spanish speaking janitor who works nights at a building near the club where Bell was celebrating his bachelor party and claims to have witnessed the tragic shooting.

Palladino says the janitor told his story to detectives at the 115th precinct yesterday afternoon. The man, who Palladino says had previously been interviewed by police without disclosing what he witnessed, now says he saw a black man fleeing the scene and that the man fired one, maybe two shots at police before running into a building.

Palladino says the man then heard officers shouting, ‘police, police.’

— Azi Paybarah New Witness in Bell Shooting Case