Obama Profits from Bill's Gay Baggage

Two of Barack Obama’s key bundlers in Los Angeles were first approached by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but turned her down in part because of what they said were her husband’s broken promises on gay rights issues.

“We were both like no, we didn’t really want to do Hillary,” said Jeremy Bernard, who is working with his partner Rufus Gifford as a paid fund-raising consultant to the Obama campaign.

Explaining his grievance with the former President, Bernard, a former Clinton appointee who once served as a treasurer on Bill’s inaugural committee, said “There was ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’ there was DOMA and then there was the last election when he told Kerry that he should support all the anti-gay initiatives in the different states. A lot of people thought, you know what, three strikes and you’re out – you can only screw us so many times.”

Bernard helped organize the Dreamworks event that raised $1.3 million for Obama, and which provided the platform for David Geffen, another gay bundler who defected from the Clinton camp, to mouth off about his old friends.

Bernard said he expects Obama’s next visit to Los Angeles to come at the end of April, during the California Democratic State Party Convention.

I’ve got more on the battle for influential gay operatives and activists — which, Bernard notwithstanding, is going quite well for Hillary — my story in the paper this week.

–Jason Horowitz Obama Profits from Bill's Gay Baggage