Obama's CrazySexyCool Party

Fresh (more or less) from his apperance in Selma this weekend, Barack Obama is swooping down on Clinton turf for a number of New York City fund-raisers, kicking off this evening with an event hosted by Antonio “L.A.” Reid, one of the country’s most powerful African-American record executives.

Judging by the host committee, the event, which has a “suggested” entrance price of $2300, seems geared toward a combination of prominent black businessmen and young mover-shakers.

Ray McGuire, a prominent Wall Street banker, is part of the host committee, as are fund manager Tracy Maitland and former Motown Records president Andre Harrell.

The list also features a number of prominent baby bundlers, including Jonathan Soros (son of George), James Rubin (son of Robert), Joshua Steiner (colleague of Steve Rattner), Wall Street wunderkind Eric Mindich and former John Kerry fund-raiser Jamie Whitehead.

Obama will be back this Friday for a reception (hosted by many of the same high-rollers) at the Grand Hyatt.

— Lizzy Ratner Obama's CrazySexyCool Party