Queens GOP Seeks Moderate, Eloquent Money-Raisers

The Queens Republican Party has tapped Republican consultant Robert Hornak (of the independent Young Republican Club) to head lead the candidate recruitment effort for the 2008 and 2009 cycles.

“Aside from ideology,” Hornak told me, describing the type of talent he’s looking for, “somebody who is comfortable with public speaking” who also has “the ability to raise money.”

“On the ideological side,” he continued, “generally Republicans who will be reformers and fiscal conservatives. Moderate on social issues. Pro-choice, but against gay marriage. The ideal candidate is somebody in the middle.”

Hornak’s email pleading for candidates to step forward, is after the jump.

— Azi Paybarah

“Dear Friends,

I would like to call to your attention this press release the Queens County Republican Party sent out yesterday, in part to announce my appointment as the head of the newly formed Candidate Recruitment and Development Committee. While I am excited to take on this challenge, I recognize this is a huge task, especially for 2009 when we will likely have 15 open council seats, thanks to term limits, up for election. I have already begun to form a committee to work on this project with me, and am committed to challenging the democrats where ever we can find viable candidates.

We hope to have some good candidates lined up for 2008, however, my emphasis will be on 2009 and developing a strong slate of candidates for city council, where we have our best opportunities to pick up seats. Also because I believe in planning ahead and will get as many candidates as possible started on both ’08 and ’09 campaigns this year.

Lastly, if anyone knows of a good potential candidate in Queens, or someone already thinking of running for office, please put me in touch with them as soon as possible. I will also be spearheading the formation of our Candidate School, which will kick off this May, and want to make sure that every potential candidate is included in this important first step toward creating a campaign for public office.

If anyone has any questions I can be reached at (646) ###-####.


Queens GOP Seeks Moderate, Eloquent Money-Raisers