Richardson: 'Keep Your Powder Dry'


Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who is running for President, has a simple campaign strategy: be uncool.

“I’m Bill Richardson, but I’m not a rock star,” Richardson said last night at an event organized by DL21C on Manhattan’s West Side. His talk, at times, felt like a recitation of his resume. Which I suppose is what you can expect from someone who has, at various times, been a governor, Congressman, federal energy secretary and hostage negotiator.

After what felt like an hour-long Q&A with the jam-packed audience at Zanzibar, Richardson, chugging water and breaking a sweat, conceded he’s not going to overtake Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards. At least not yet.

“Here’s my last point,” he said. “Here’s my last point. Here’s my last point. I need your help. All right. Now, if I can’t get it today, keep your powder dry. This is ten months away.”

— Azi Paybarah Richardson: 'Keep Your Powder Dry'