Ron Burkle on David Geffen: "Aggressive!"

In the coming New York Times Magazine, interrogator Deborah Solomon asks Ron Burkle a few questions.

About David Geffen’s revolt against Hillary:

“… I have known David for a long time. David is very aggressive in his comments and very aggressive in his thoughts on everything.”

About whether Al Gore should run (and, remember, this is the guy who is holding a 1,000-person Hillary Clinton fund-raiser at his Beverly Hills house):

“I told him the other day, he has made me so much money, I hope he keeps working.”

What about his war with The New York Post? Was the Post pursuing a political agenda?

“I think it could have just as easily been an agenda by some people at the paper to make money.”

– Tom McGeveran

Ron Burkle on David Geffen: "Aggressive!"