Schiffman Leads Eugene in Money Race

Mathieu Eugene won the first election for the City Council’s 40th District, but in the fund-raising for the rematch this April, he’s trailing. Here are the contributions each candidate raised so far, according to the city’s Campaign Finance Board:

$5,250-Mathieu Eugene
$6,603-Harry Schiffman
$1.073-Marie Gina Faustin
$0- Wellington Sharpe

Also worth noting is the fact that Schiffman is participating in the matching funds program and Eugene isn’t.

So far, Eugene spent $1,600, more than anybody so far. The money went towards paying rent at his campaign headquarters, and to Una Clarke, a consultant whose advice he’s apparently taking with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: Wellington Sharpe raised $17,777 according to updated figures from the CFB.

— Azi Paybarah Schiffman Leads Eugene in Money Race