Senate Caucus

It's with mixed emotions that I think about the retirement of more than 1/3 of the State Senate's Republican caucus. I had the privilege and honor of working with each of the retiring Senators – Bark, Connors, Gormley, Kavanaugh, Littell, Martin and Palai – during the years I served as governor. Each senator brought to his or her job an enduring dedication to their constituents and the job at hand.

Although I'm pleased with much of their work, I'm also excited about the incoming class of Republican State Senators. If there was ever a time when our party could use new ideas, new leadership, and new energy, it is now.

The next generation of Republican State Senators have important work ahead of them. Not only must they work cooperatively to ensure a bright future for our state, they must also make a compelling case €” with both their words and their actions – for why the Republican Party is best suited to carry out policies of less taxes, less spending and a leaner, more efficient state government.

Corruption is running rampant in New Jersey government, spending is on the rise, and our taxes are skyrocketing. Future generations of New Jersey Republicans must clean up this mess – and I look forward to joining with fellow Republicans across the state to ensure that new members of the Senate Republican caucus have the opportunity to make these vital changes.
We've got a lot of work to do, and I know that Republicans candidates up and down the state are ready to get the job done. Senate Caucus