Speed Reading the Budget

While Darryl Towns thinks that Governor Eliot Spitzer has made the budget process more transparent, he still would like a little more reading time to digest what’s actually in the mammoth document.

“I think there has been more transparency. Is it a perfect system? No. But it’s our first year,” said Towns, a Democratic Assemblyman from Brooklyn. “The governor is trying to deliver on the things he campaigned on.”

During the comptroller selection process, Eliot Spitzer’s loudest critics were Towns’ colleagues in the Assembly Democratic conference. Towns is obviously still a fan, though he does have at least one reservation.

When asked if he’ll have enough time to absorb what he estimated to be a 2500-page budget before actually voting on it, Towns admitted that the time restraints presented a challenge.

“It’s a big document,” said Towns, adding, “I’m not a speed reader.”

— Azi Paybarah Speed Reading the Budget