Stern Suit Alleges that Burkle Owns [em]Radar[/em]

Whether or not billionaire Ron Burkle is an investor in Radar–despite plenty of speculation–has never been fully established. Indeed, Mr. Burkle has never said he is an investor on the record.

However, in former Page Six freelance writer Jared Paul Stern’s lawsuit, filed today against Burkle, Ronald Sitrick, William Sherman, the Daily News, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, it is stated as fact.

From the lawsuit:

“Stories further disparaging Mr. Stern and repeating Burkle’s false and baseless accusations as unqualified fact subsequently appeared in Radar Online, the Internet version of a New York-based magazine that Burkle owns. One of the articles referred to Mr. Stern as an “extortionate former gossip columnist,” while others re-stated Burkle’s false accusations as fact. Burkle subsequently used Radar to get another Page Six staffer fired.”

Michael Calderone Stern Suit Alleges that Burkle Owns [em]Radar[/em]