The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday


  • Washington Heights is officially uber-hip: Modest Mouse, Björk, Iggy Pop, and The Arcade Fire are playing at Reverend Ike’s Christ Community United Church, a former movie palace at Broadway and 175th Street. [New York mag/D.I.]
  • Despite Gawker’s wishful thinking on 33 West 67th, realty goddess Barbara Corcoran and William Wilson Corcoran aren’t related. (“Sadly, no. I wish I was related,” she emailed The Observer a few months ago. “P.S. In the 19th century, my family was still digging ditches! No one in my Corcoran family even had a bank account until the late 1990’s.”) [Gawker]
  • Speaking of which, Corcoran is now the first big New York firm to charge its brokers marketing fees. The price-tag will be $1,500–which means as much as $2.4 million for the huge brokerage each year. [Real Deal]
  • Tomorrow, Columbia will be graced with a panel on the coolest architect [see above, left] since Michelangelo. The poetic get-together is called “Life and Poetry in Technological Structures: The Contribution of Santiago Calatrava.” [I.D.]

    Max Abelson

  • The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday