The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday


  • The booming home-security market now offers “super-luxe security” [above]. For example: It costs $5,000 to “monitor 20 video cameras in your Manhattan home–via PDA–from a beach in Cote d’Azur.” It’s a wonderful world. [Forbes]
  • Gotham Bar and Grill has everything anyone could want from a Village eatery: Maine lobster, artichokes, and Jay McInerney’s new wife repeatedly assaulting Ed Koch. [House & Garden]
  • It’s a bad time for New York music: Tonic, “one of the city’s most popular small clubs,” is closing on Friday the 13th. Plus, the hip Mercury Lounge may or may not be doomed, and the essential Irving Plaza is being reborn (or, at least renamed). [Time Out New York]
  • The ‘UWS Asian-Food Crisis’ is tragically spreading, claiming three of the five Ollie’s restaurants. Maybe the restaurant deserves their problems: Workers claim they were being paid $1.40 an hour. [NY Mag, D.I.]

    Max Abelson

  • The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday